None of us are too young, as adults, to remember memorable tunes that have been used in some form or another. We’ve heard it over the radio, as the classic Queen rock song goes. We’ve also heard mind-beating tunes being struck into our subconscious so many times to buy a certain product, probably not good for us anyway. We’ve also had the privilege of hearing eponymous anthems, like the Star Wars soundtrack being played over again to at least two generations. There was once upon a time a delightful song that got stuck in my head for a while.

It went something like this;

Sweets for my sweet

Sugar for my honey…

And today, thanks to my own personal discoveries not even more than a year old, this song, as sweet as it is, is for me, is tinged with irony. Indeed, honey does have its own distinctive sweet taste, but I can remember how as kids we enjoyed corn syrup even more. It was far sweeter than even sweetened honey could ever be. But how could honey get to be this sweet, anyway? Well, for one thing, it was sugar-coated with lots and lots of white sugar. As kids we were told that sugar gives you energy but too much honey can make you sick.

So, I had to ask myself one day why we were given a teaspoon or tablespoon of honey when we were, in fact, sick. I’m beginning to sound a little like the British actor, Hugh Grant, at the peak of his comedic powers, pardoning his puns to protect himself from further embarrassment. I can’t remember if it was the Von Trapp children’s governess or Mary Poppins who dismissed out of hand honey and all its medicinal benefits and opted to go for the white stuff instead with her memorable musical refrain of;

Just a Spoonful of Sugar

Makes the Medicine go down…

No doubt, those aforementioned kids, living up in the Alps, had never heard of Heidi and Maya the Bee. I think for me as a kid, watching this show was one of the first indications I received that, you know, bees aren’t so bad at all. They may sting yes, but only once and no more. Apparently they died, but as a child I could not believe that this was true. Ignorance, whether as innocence among children or far into adulthood, prevails. What a pity it was only a year ago that I discovered that white sugar was not good for us.

You know, folks, I’ve really been enjoying myself with this post. You will have noticed how so off the beaten track I’ve gone here. I have yet to address the major benefits of using raw honey. I dropped the completion of writing this post for a night to gather my thoughts on raw honey. The desk break worked. What I’ve written above will stay intact. I hope, though, that you, as readers, gained as much enjoyment as I did in sharing my thoughts in writing. To end this post, I will share some more of my own thoughts on recent raw honey discoveries and then, if there is enough space, pass on a remark from one of the experts.

If not, I do not foresee that it will be problematic for you as readers. Should your interest be stimulated by my own thoughts, I think it is fair to say that you will be proceeding with your own reading and research in any event. And really, folks, you should. There is simply just not enough time and space to give you more extensive information on raw honey in this post. My interest has already been piqued, so, who knows, perhaps I’ll be giving the raw honey treatment to my beloved readers further down the line. There is just so much information well worth sharing.

For now though, note that raw honey is extremely good for you. It’s going to give you a taste remarkably different from the processed, sweetened honey that you are accustomed to. I’m not entirely a deft hand in the kitchen but I can tell you that this raw honey gives a potent taste to your salad dressing. Try it out. Just add a little olive oil, like you would normally do, a dash of ground organic salt and black pepper, perhaps just a touch of mustard (not too much, it’s not really good to clog your arteries with too much preservatives and spices) and a tablespoon or two of water.

Then you mix it vigorously until you’ve got a nice consistency which allows you to pour the dressing over your favorite salad. You could even smother a tablespoon or two of raw honey over your barbeque strips or add them to your BBQ sauce recipe, and then see what it does to your taste buds. I’ve been focusing a little too much on the aesthetic benefits. Let me remind you again that from a health point of view, raw honey is extremely good for you. It has its vitamins and is rich in antioxidants. It also has its own source of protein enrichment.

Now try this. It’s the easiest facial treatment you will ever need. The raw honey’s thick consistency allows you to simply ladle out a teaspoon (or tablespoon, depending on your constitutional feelings) in the palm of your hand and spread it nicely over your skin. It will refresh and invigorate you while cleansing your skin. It is a great natural remedy for those of you who have children suffering from acne. It also helps you clean oily skin. Oh, forgive my excitement. I almost forgot to tell you that you’ll need to leave your raw honey paste on your face for at least a few minutes before gently washing it off with warm water.

Well, there you go. I did not need to tell you much more to provoke you into using raw honey now did I? I have to go, see you next time.