There seems to be an increase interest in beekeeping these days and if you happen to be one of those people who are considering it then here are a few notes for you on how to start beekeeping that I hope will be of help to you before you start.


If you follow these how to start beekeeping pointers you should, within no time whatsoever be able to start enjoying this popular backyard hobby and for some, even a small business.


The most important thing in learning how to start beekeeping is to make sure that it’s legal to keep bees in your own yard. Get in touch with your local government to find out what the ordinances are in your area. If you don’t do this, you could end up being fined heavily for breaking the law. Also, if you rent, make sure it’s alright with your landlord even if it’s legal in your area.


The second most important thing to learn about how to start beekeeping is to do plenty of research about beekeeping. This can’t be stated enough. It’s important that you know as much as you can about this hobby. The more you know the easier it will be for you and happier your bees are going to be. It’s important to learn from books, online videos, going to beekeeping classes and more. You should learn everything you can from how bees behave to the harvesting of the honey.


It’s also important when learning about how to start beekeeping that you have the right kind of space for your hives and bees. After you have permission to start then you need to make sure that you have the right place to put them. You want to make sure they do get some sun for warmth but also consider some shade along with a way to protect them from the wind.


Another important thing when it comes to learning how to start beekeeping is to make sure that you are considerate towards your neighbors and how they might feel about you having bee hives in your backyard. Once you are certain that you want to do this it’s important that you get together with your closest neighbors and let them know about this new project of your. One way to make this easier on them is to promise to give them some of your honey or even candles made from bees wax.


When learning how to start beekeeping it’s important to note that you should consider buying all the supplies, tools, and accessories before you buy your bees. Like anything that you do, beekeeping is going to work a lot better if you are completely prepared beforehand. You are going to want to make sure that your hive is where you want it to stay and that you have all the equipment that you are going to need to work safely with the bees.


Once you have permission from those you need it from and the approval of your neighbors as well as all equipment you need, then you can go ahead and order your bees. When learning how to start beekeeping it’s important to know when you should order your bees. The best time of year to order them from those who sell bees should be in either January or February. If you buy them any later than that you may not even be able to get the bees you want or by the time you receive them it will be extremely late in the season there won’t be time to harvest enough nectar and pollen for the bees supply of honey for winter.


Although it’s not required, it is highly recommended that you consider looking for someone in your neighborhood that might be willing to help you out with your beekeeping. When learning about how to start beekeeping often it works best when someone wants to learn about it and contribute with you. When you have someone in partnership with you can make it a lot easier to harvest the honey and it can cut down on costs if you share the costs. It also means that you’ll have someone to take care of the bees if you have to be out of town for a period of time.


As soon as you get your bees you need to immediately start taking care of them. How you do that is going to be up to you. Through your research you should be able to decide what method is going to be best for you and your setup. You do need to figure out how often you want to inspect your bees and their health and look for signs of disease. You also want to figure out if you want to take care of them naturally or if you are going to want to use chemical medicines. You also want to make sure that they also have easy and immediate access to water or they’ll go off wandering to other places, like your neighbors and you don’t want that and neither do your neighbors.


When learning about how to start beekeeping it’s vital that you know to be prepared for what’s known as the busy season. There are times when you will be kept super busy by your bees and you need to be completely prepared for those times. The two busiest times would be during the swarm season and time for honey harvesting. During the first year of beekeeping your bees normally won’t swarm, but after that they normally swarm during the spring months. This swarming is a natural act they perform when there are too many bees in the hive and a part of them will leave with the original queen to find a new home. The next time that’s busy is usually in late summer. This is when you’ll spend a lot of time gathering the frames with honey and spend the rest of the time harvesting that sweet treat. You really need to set aside plenty of time to do this.