Do I really need to explain to you all how very important it is to save the bees? Alright, I’ll give you a brief overview then. First and foremost, the bees are under severe threat in different parts of the world.

It is as a consequence of global warming and climate change. And do I need to remind you all that the reason why we have rapid warming of the earth and extreme changes in our climate is all due to our own reckless behavior in consuming too much of everything which, as it turns out, is quite harmful for us anyway.

How we let all of this run away from us is a matter for another blog. Blogs are widely available already, if I’m not mistaken. I have always been an admirer of the pioneering work done by former US Vice President, Al Gore. Who can remember his famous movie of a few years ago called An Inconvenient Truth? I am told that the book is even more astounding. A more pertinent and intimate read might be Jared Diamond’s Collapse. One famous ecologist and organic living practitioner caught my eye the other day while I was catching up with my general reading.

David Suzuki first caught my eye during Leonardo di Caprio’s The Eleventh Hour. During my reading of Suzuki’s notes, he seemed to have a particular concern for bees. He’s argument was that much still needs to be done to rescue the bees, and it has to be done quickly before it is all too late. Too late, that is, to save the bees. He also had concerns about the challenges surrounding an entirely organic environment in which the bees can thrive in. he felt that it would be far more beneficial if bees were able to go about their productive lives in natural environments rather than being confined to a series of commercial hives.

I share the same concerns that Suzuki and all the other environmentalists have over survival of the bees. If the living circumstances, breeding, feeding and migratory patterns of bees are harmed irreparably they will also have serious consequences for the rest of the earth’s eco-systems. It still saddens me how some government authorities can treat swarms of bees as dangerous pests which must be eradicated at all costs in order to protect human living environments. The fact of the matter as to why bees are acting out of distress, taking drastic measures by way of entering new, unchartered living areas, is that it was all caused by man in the first place.

The land masses that the bees are escaping from have become uninhabitable. Areas are dry and there is little or no water left over. Rivers and streams are drying up at a rapid pace. Rainfall, well, regular rainfall patterns, has become a thing of the past in these areas. Plants and trees need it to survive. Bees need the plants and trees to survive. So, you can hardly blame massive swarms from mounting on a hair-raising expedition to search for habitable land. That they succeed is nothing short of a natural miracle. These are resilient species we are talking about here.

But it would be so much nicer if we all chipped in and played our part in helping them to survive. Just remember that by doing this, we are ensuring our own survival and that of the generations that will follow in our carbon footsteps. It is a human preoccupation that life is never perfect. I accept that, and we all must make do where we can. Starting your own small hive at home or producing a small garden at home would be a marvelous step in the right direction to help save these creatures. You do not need to buy bees, it can be done, many have profited from it, but it is not organic, all you need to do is create the right environment that will attract them.

Well, readers, I like the way this post has turned out. It has become something of an emotive motivation, an appeal more than anything else, to encourage you all to join us and help save the bees.