About Danny

Hi guys, it’s me, Danny Bixby. Very glad to have made your acquaintance at what I hope is a convenient time. I’m assuming that you’ve all got some curiosity going for you on the very subject that consumes a lot of my own time these days. That subject, guys, is beekeeping. Perhaps it is fair to say that there are still far too many out there who know so little about this very important practice. I’ve detected this by way of what people pull from the supermarket shelves. The honey that my bees produce isn’t exactly flying off of the shelves right now.


But not to worry. I’ve been down that aisle before, and it only gets better once you’ve overcome ignorance. It becomes enriching once you start to learn new things about your natural environment. It warms your heart when your interest is piqued and you suddenly find yourself having those ‘aha’ moments or ‘why didn’t I think of that’ Q & A sessions with yourself. I’ve been there. But let me just add that I’m still learning. So, I hope you don’t mind my initial enthusiasm for something newly discovered which I will more than likely be sharing with you.


Let me fill you in on the first batch of posts I’ll be publishing for you. The first post sheds some light on what got me started in this business. Then it’s right to action and down to the business of saving our precious bees. I’ll explain why this is necessary and also give you a note or two on what you might be able to do to contribute should you not be as hungry as I was to get into the beekeeping habit. Speaking of hunger, there’s nothing more delicious for the Saturday morning breakfast than a nice slice or two of whole wheat toast smothered in, yes, you guessed right, warm, natural honey, straight from the hive in my garden.


A cup of tea with honey goes nicely with that. A later post will be discussing why honey is essentially better than your traditional sugar. I won’t go into detail here, but wait a bit before its published, read it then, and you are more than welcome to leave a comment or two telling me and your fellow readers what you thought. You are also welcome to feed me with questions. I did say that I was still learning, so every effort will be made to find pertinent answers for you if I don’t have them in my desk drawer. You know, a lot of folks are still quite scared of bees.


I mean, come on folks, have you seen the size of the poor thing in comparison to the size of your own hand? I’ll be going into this sentiment with you and reassuring those who are still petrified that there’s really nothing to be scared of in regard to the bee’s sting. For those of you whose interest in beekeeping is starting to grow, like flowers attracting the very bees to its pollen, I’ll be giving the briefest of introductions on how to get into the business. Now, when I say business, I still only mean that this is going to be a hobby.


The real business is rather complex, as I’ve come to learn. It is part of the inspiration I had for starting up this hobby. I became quite fascinated about raw honey and was quite curious to learn why the health experts believed that it was so much better than the syrupy honey that we are all quite used to by now, I’m sure. So, there’s a post on raw honey to look forward to. And let’s also have a chat about why bees are so fascinated by our colorful plants while we’re at it. I’ll be taking a more serious-minded approach (that’s the initial thought at this stage) in a post still under development.


That post is on why bees are so important to our ecosystem. On a similarly serious note, I think I may have mentioned this upcoming post earlier, but on hindsight, I wouldn’t mind going into more depth on the differences between sugar and honey.